Why Anam Cara?

Dancers at Anam Cara learn the art of Irish Dance through dedication, encouragement, discipline, and leadership. Our dancers are encouraged to work together, to become leaders to their peers through example, and are taught to always offer encouragement to their classmates and competitors. Instructors have honed these principles in their own dancing careers, and have brought them to the students at Anam Cara. This allows them to teach our students the needed skills to become well-rounded dancers, performers, and competitors. Through these guiding principles, our dancers step onto the stage with confidence, courage, grace, and strength.

Family Atmosphere

Team Building

Quality Instruction


Bekah Wheeler, TCRG

Bekah grew up in the Treasure Valley and fell in love with Irish dance from a young age. She began her dancing career with the Treasure Valley Academy of Irish Dance under David Chase. In 2004, the school switched owners and became the Tiernan Irish dancers, based out of Chicago and under the direction of Founder Mark Howard and the Trinity Academy.

Under the watchful eye of Mark and all teachers at the Trinity academy, Bekah went on to obtain her TCRG certification (Teagascóir Coimisiún Le Rinci Gaelacha), with honors, under the CLRG commission of Ireland.

In 2019, Bekah decided to share her love and expertise of Irish dance with the Treasure Valley by opening Anam Cara Academy. With her years of training, skill, and passion for Irish dance, Anam Cara is Idaho’s most experienced Irish dance academy.

What families and dancers say...

Jennifer Reddish

The level of experience at this school is unparalleled! Inspirational mentors and role models!

I have seen such a transformation in my children’s dancing, no doubt a reflection of the friendly & encouraging environment.

Bekah is gracious and teaches kindness to her students. She is a teacher/coach/friend in the truest sense!

Becca Mathias

Anam Cara is the top choice of Irish dance schools in the state of Idaho if you are looking for a competitive or performance based experience!

Bekah’s attention to your success and technique is detailed, and teamwork is stressed throughout the entire school.

Molly Emerson

Bekah is an incredible dance teacher who is invested in the success of all of her dancers. She promotes a positive dance environment for all her students in which they can thrive.

Ella Lechner

This Irish dance school has such a welcoming atmosphere! Bekah is an incredible teacher and gives her energy and attention to each dancer. Highly recommend if you are looking into a studio for Irish dance in Idaho.

Kristin Celestino

Anam Cara Academy is enriched with true Irish culture! They are professional, passionate, and incredibly talented!!! My daughter is so happy to be a part of Anam Cara and looks forward to her class every week! I have been here for over 2 years and I am so grateful I found this treasure!

Jana Rose

Love love love this program. Every one is the most welcoming and helpful. Both of my daughters are extremely shy and they have just excelled in so many ways.

Wendy Lieberman

I love Anam Cara. My daughter loves going there for Irish dancing lessons and she is learning a lot. I can see that they are great teachers that have a commitment to excellence. I feel very lucky to have found them!

Adam Pentz

My daughter has been a part of Anam Cara for 3 years now, and she LOVES it! Bekah is a truly inspirational and knowledgeable teacher, who works hard to keep parents involved.

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