Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced dancer looking to improve your technique, ACA provides an energetic environment that assists dancers of all ages to develop a love for Irish dance while increasing coordination, musicality, and the self-confidence to perform in front of an audience. Join us at Anam Cara Academy of Irish Dance for unparalleled dance instruction you won’t find anywhere else. Reach out today to learn more as your first class is on Us!

Introductory class is for our brand new dancers that have never taken Irish Dance before! Inside, your dancer will learn the basic movements, skips, leap 2-3’s and foot placement. Come try your first class for free!

Our Beginner dancers are strengthening their foot placement, correcting dances they know and learning 2 new soft shoe dances along with introduction to Hard shoe where dancers learn basic movements and rhythms.

Inside our intermediate class, our dancers are learning to fine-tune the foundation of each movement. New tricks and intricate rhythms are introduced in a fun and positive atmosphere. Specific corrections as well as encouragement are given to each dancer.

Our championship class offers the highest level of training in the entire state of Idaho. Our champion dancers are continuously challenged to push the limits with dynamic rhythms and intricate footwork. Our top dancers are not only trained in the art of Irish dance, they are trained as athletes with a strong focus on conditioning, strength, flexibility, and mobility.

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